My 3 & 4 Year Olds Night Time Routine

This is my babies night time routine on most nights. It’ll change obviously when they’re sick or we’re out late but most of the time it goes just like this.

Hey guys, since I made a morning routine I thought I would make a night-time one now.

Hope you guys enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ll start on dinner, this night I made chicken with rice and avocado with tomatoes in lime.

We’ll pray for our food before we start to eat.


Then, once finished which Noah is usually done first then Lydia is always the last one done. They’ll both put their plates in the sink and I’ll clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. While I’m washing the dishes they’ll either play with daddy or watch a show.

Once I’m all done with the kitchen, its time to brush their teeth.


They first brush their own teeth and then I brush it for them. ๐Ÿ™‚


Next, it’s usually time for bath time. I’ll usually take them a bath every other day or if that day they got really dirty.

I love these moments because I know that one day they’ll outgrow it and take a shower separately. These moments are something that I will always cherish. ๐Ÿ™‚


This night I had to cut their nails. They love watching me cut their nails, they’ll just watch everything I’m doing. Hahaha


Then, we’ll head to their room and its time to read some books! They love to get under the covers in Noah’s bed together while we read books to them.

Every night when I say “Ok time to get ready for bed.” Noah will say “Are we gonna read books?” This is honestly one of his favorite times of the day. They love books so much, I love it.

Usually me and my husband will switch who reads to them and this night it was my turn. We’ll read to them at least 3 different books. I like to pick 2 fun/silly books and then a Bible story.

Once we’re done reading we’ll tell them to say Goodnight and give goodnight kisses to each other.


Once we’re done its time to pray.

My husband will pray with Lydia our daughter.

And I will pray with Noah our son.

As you can tell he was tired. Lol!


Then, its time for bed. We’ll tuck them in and turn the night lights on and give them good night kisses and wish them both sweet dreams.

That is all for their night-time routine, thank you for reading!



2018 Wishlist

Since its a New Year and have seen a couple bloggers post their wish list thought I would too. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. New Purse. For a while now I’ve been wanting a bigger purse one specifically like the one in the picture. Brown and that has three separations because I sometimes still carry some stuff for my kids and I’d love to be able to separate it all.
  2. Slip-ons.ย  I’ve always loved toms and sandals, shoes that can go on quickly and these are really cute in a light color.
  3. BOOTS!ย Probably too late but I’d love to have some cute knee high boots. I used to have some that ripped and they were my favorite. I loved dressing in my knee high boots a nice top and a cardigan. Definitely my staple outfit ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Crimper I think girls hair is so pretty when after they braid it and unfortunately my hair doesn’t really create those cute waves naturally because its so straight. So I’d love a crimper to be able to create those waves.
  5. Dainty Jewelry I love the look of really dainty necklaces and bracelets. I’d love to collect more throughout the year.
  6. Sandals Spring is around the coroner and then summer and definitely need to get some new cute sandals!
  7. Home Decor I’d love to invest in some nice decoration pieces for our bedroom, kids room and living area for when we move.
  8. Sunglasses Summer is coming, need some cute new glasses! Lol
  9. Brush Pens I’ve been really loving practicing brush lettering when I have some free time, my husband bought me some basic colors from this brand as well for christmas they’re super great and I would love some pastel colors next.

YouTube Channel

Hello to everyone following my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

So as of recently August 28, 2017 I created a YouTube Channel. I created it so that I could post of stuff like I do here but, better explain and because I want to share my journey as a mother and tips of what makes it easier for me. Also, because I want to be able to look back on them one day and see how everything once was for me and see my kids through out the years.

I have barely only uploaded two videos you’re all welcome to go follow me. I’d love it if you guys all subscribed.ย  2ToCherish

How I keep my kids calm in Church

I have two kids, Noah who is 3 almost 4 in September and Lydia who is 2 1/2. We go to church every Sunday if we do not go its because someone is sick but we try our best to go most Sundays. My kids are not perfect and these things don’t always work but, they do help a lot.

These are some things that help our kids to stay quiet and entertained most of the time at church or at a restaurant.

  • Prep Talk

    So before we head into church we sometimes tell our son who loves to “race”.

-No racing inside of church, we have to be calm inside of church. I make sure to tell him its OK if you “Race” outside or after church but not inside.

-We need to be quiet when Bro Bob our Pastor is speaking and then I tell him when he is all done then we can go play.

So I always try to comprise with him. My daughter Lydia is very shy so most of the time she’ll be pretty quiet unless she sees her brother or her cousins run around.

  • Entertainment

    So since I do have two toddlers they can’t just sit down on there own and listen to the preaching yet. So its necessary to take some sort of entertainment for both of them to keep them quiet.IMG_3645

-For my 3 year old son, I like to take his favorite cars. Which are Mcqueen and Mater from Disney Cars. The cars keep him entertained for a good 20-30 minutes.

-For my 2 year old daughter, I’ll take some books of her favorite characters or even some learning books with colors and shapes.

-For both of them I’ll also take a coloring book and some stickers. That’ll keep them entertained for quit a bit. I try to not give them these specifics coloring books during the week so that when it comes to the day when I need them to be entertained by them they are actually entertained by its something new.

  • Snacks

    -What kid doesn’t love some snacks? Obviously at a restaurant this isn’t helpful. But if its a restaurant I like to make sure my kids aren’t “starving” and if they are when the waiter comes to ask for your drinks, have your kids order ready so they can put it in as soon as possible. No one wants a grumpy toddler in a restaurant. ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_3639

That is what we do to keep our kids calm “MOST” of the time at church or restaurant. If those things don’t work then the tablet comes out. But, that hasn’t happened yet so they’ve worked for us ๐Ÿ™‚

Let me know if you have any tips that can help me out or other mommies our there.

Thank you for reading






Potty Training a Boy and Girl

I potty trained both my son and daughter. A lot of things I learned, hope it helps fellow mommies as well.

My son Noah is now 3 and fully potty trained. I tried to potty train him when he was around 18 Months but, found out it was too soon for him, he wasn’t ready.

At 2 Years old, I tried again and before hand I researched a lot. Before I started to actually start the training I’d read Potty books, and every time he’d pee or poop in his diaper I’d make sure he knew what it was. That helped a lot.

It was May 25,2016. I then started the 3 day 13308578_919749431480356_6269471818295064299_omethod, no diaper and no underwear. I got an app by pull-ups called “time to potty” where you sign up for free and put your kids info, like age and time they wake up and go to sleep and then you have a timer that lets you chose how much time to wait before you take them to the potty. I also got some suckers and stickers and told him if he went pee in the potty he’d get one as a reward.IMG_3567

The first day was not easy at all, a lot of pee accidents some accomplishments but not many. The second day a little bit more of accomplishments but still many accidents. He didn’t like the feeling of pee on him though he’d tell me immediately and then sit down on the potty after the accident. The third day was a huge surprise by the way the other days went I thought that potty training was gonna go on for a couple more days but, the third day it seemed to click in his head, and he’d tell me “Mommy I need to go pee pee!”

I was so surprised, that third day he didn’t have any accidents at all after that he goes on his own. The only thing that was a bit of a struggle for him is #2 he would get scared and didn’t like having to poop in the potty. That is the only thing that took a while for him to get used to but, I’ve read that its very normal for most children to be nervous/scared of going #2 anywhere other than there diaper.

Going out in public we’d always carry around his potty and later bought a compact one that we love.


Now, my daughter Lydia is 2 years old. I tried to also potty train her at 18 months old but, like Noah she wasn’t ready yet. She didn’t fully understand what it all meant I had to 18698379_1271785616276734_6930291902203310902_nexplain everything better. So every time she’d pee or go #2 I’d tell her what it was or I’d also sometimes show her stuffed animals going “pee”.

Once she turned 2, I waited a little and kept just showing her what everything meant. She then started to tell me when her diaper had pee or poo and if it was too full she hated it. To me those are some huge signs that she was ready.

One day she then told me “mommy poo poo”. I wondered maybe she’ll go in the potty because I had checked her diaper and it was empty. So I asked her if she wanted to go on the potty and she said yes. So I sat her on our toilet, we bought a 2 in 1 for our toilet so that Noah can use it as well so she was so happy because she was sitting on the “potty”. Iย  never thought she would actually go. But a couple of minutes passed by and yup she went #2. I even cried, because she is my baby and to me going potty in the toilet kinda means they’re not babies anymore.

After that I thought it would be so easy to potty train her since she was the one who told me that she needed to go. That next week I said I’d dedicate it into potty training her so I started Monday and yes there were a lot of accidents, day 2 as well and day 3 I thought since Noah had been so easy she’d be the same. But, we got to realize every baby isn’t the same. She goes pee and poo super easy every time I ask her but, that’s just it. She won’t tell me when she needs to. So for now still learning on that, I have a constant timer every 20-30 minutes after she drinks liquid and ask her to go to the potty and every time she says “Yes!” but, if I don’t ask her she’ll most likely have an accident.


Every baby is different Noah was trained in 3 days but struggled to go poo. Lydia, poo’d her first time on the potty but, won’t tell me when she needs to go. So every child is different we have different things we need to learn.

Let me know how you guys did it and if you guys have same situation with me like I do with my daughter.


Thank you for reading!





Beach Hacks

We went to beach for Fathers Day and I wanted to share a couple of tips that helped us out ๐Ÿ™‚


First, the night before I prepared our clothes and snacks for the next day because we planned to go right after church.

So, one thing I prepared that thought might help us when we got back was Aloe Vera and this time I froze it. We have these cute frog molds for ice and I put some Aloe Vera in it the night before and let me tell you I got a bit burnt on my back and it felt so good when we got back to rub it on the burnt area.






Next, I brought a small pool that my kids have had for a while so that we can put water in and they can play freely in.

Honestly, by the end of the day it became more of a mud pit, they put sand in it and water but they loved playing in it and kept them away from being in the actually ocean too much.



I’ve got to give credit to my sister for this one. She tied up two bags on her umbrella, one for trash and the other for recycle. So by the time we were done trash wasn’t everywhere and easy to just throw away in a big trash can and take the recycle home. Also, another plastic bag for wet clothes was very helpful.



Next, this is something that is super helpful even with us as adults because everyone knows how annoying the sand can be sometimes when your trying to eat or do something. For babies who still have diapers on its super helpful because sand will get in there private areas and putting baby powder helps to keep it off plus it keeps them feeling soft and smelling good.



Now, one of the most important in my opinion is to bring Family! Going to the beach is scary with toddlers because they easily run off somewhere and get lost or even into the ocean but, it helps a lot to have many eyes to help.




At the end of the day we had a blast at the beach with family and can’t wait to go back.

Let me know if you have any tips and what they are! I’d love to know! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you,




Finding out I was Pregnant

I still remember the day when I took that first test. I remember a couple of weeks before, I had been complaining to my husband that my chest was hurting and felt very sore. Since it was my first pregnancy I wasn’t sure what all these new symptoms were.

We got married September 24, 2011 and a year had come and gone.

January 24, 2013 I woke up not feeling to well, my husband and I had bought a couple of pregnancy tests because of the way I felt. But, I honestly didn’t think I was pregnant. I woke up that morning and thought to myself well I’ll just take a test to get this off my chest it’s probably all in my head. My husband had already gone to work so I took the test and left it in the restroom and just started my day, I made myself breakfast and cleaned up a bit. After a couple of hours I had to use the restroom and saw the test on our bathroom sink and remembered. I turned it around and there it was those two little lines.

Wow, I can’t even begin to explain my feelings when I saw those lines. I wanted to scream of excitement and cry of happiness. So many feelings all at once. I couldn’t believe it I looked at it for a good couple of minutes, and called my husband. He answered and was a bit busy but I told him “Babe, I took the test!! And its positive!!!” He couldn’t express his feelings too much because he was with a client working but, I could tell by the sound of his voice he was very happy as well.

Soon after I had to babysit so my husband and I didn’t get to see each other until really late that night. When he picked me up, we hugged each other and were very happy. We then actually went to the store to get a couple more tests just to make sure and they all came out positive so it was all for sure. I was pregnant with our first baby ๐Ÿ™‚

The day after I woke up and had my first and only morning sickness, It’s like my body said OK now you know, here is some morning sickness ๐Ÿ™‚ That day was my sisters graduation from her CNA and I remember feeling horrible because my body was aching and I couldn’t really tell them because I didn’t want them to guess so that we can surprise them on our own. After, we hit the store and bought a bib that said “Hi, I’m new here” and wrote every ones nicknames like Auntie, Grandma and Grandpa and a couple of days later surprised them with that ๐Ÿ™‚

My pregnancy went pretty smooth, my body ached and was sore the first couple of months and I remember being very sleepy. Going into my second trimester we then got some news that my son had a heart condition and we were very shocked. But, we had faith in God that everything would be perfect.

He was born September 25, 2013 at 8:23am, a day after our anniversary and now he’s soon to be 4 and he’s the most perfect, energetic, loving little boy ever ๐Ÿ™‚


Noah Ezra Rios

If you guys would like to find out the story of my sons heart let me know in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚