2018 Wishlist

Since its a New Year and have seen a couple bloggers post their wish list thought I would too. 🙂


  1. New Purse. For a while now I’ve been wanting a bigger purse one specifically like the one in the picture. Brown and that has three separations because I sometimes still carry some stuff for my kids and I’d love to be able to separate it all.
  2. Slip-ons.  I’ve always loved toms and sandals, shoes that can go on quickly and these are really cute in a light color.
  3. BOOTS! Probably too late but I’d love to have some cute knee high boots. I used to have some that ripped and they were my favorite. I loved dressing in my knee high boots a nice top and a cardigan. Definitely my staple outfit 😉
  4. Crimper I think girls hair is so pretty when after they braid it and unfortunately my hair doesn’t really create those cute waves naturally because its so straight. So I’d love a crimper to be able to create those waves.
  5. Dainty Jewelry I love the look of really dainty necklaces and bracelets. I’d love to collect more throughout the year.
  6. Sandals Spring is around the coroner and then summer and definitely need to get some new cute sandals!
  7. Home Decor I’d love to invest in some nice decoration pieces for our bedroom, kids room and living area for when we move.
  8. Sunglasses Summer is coming, need some cute new glasses! Lol
  9. Brush Pens I’ve been really loving practicing brush lettering when I have some free time, my husband bought me some basic colors from this brand as well for christmas they’re super great and I would love some pastel colors next.


Favorite Makeup Brand for Oily Skin

I have always had acne prone skin and really oily as well. Through the years I’ve tried many different makeup brands, drugstore and some high-end.

My Favorite High End Makeup 


A year or so ago I tried their Amazonian clay 12hr full coverage foundation and there concealer and fell in love. I’ve purchased a couple blushes and they’re so beautiful. It’s a bit pricey but, for my type of skin my face looked flawless. I loved it so much. If it wasn’t for the price that’d be my daily foundation and makeup. I do own a couple of pallets but, for right now haven’t purchased the foundation again just yet.

My Favorite Drugstore Makeup 


Now, I’ve always used Revlon since I was in high school it is definitely my go to brand.  The revlon colorstay foundation is the best for my oily skin it’s almost just as good as the tarte foundation. I love there lipsticks and blushes as well. Very good quality and more budget friendly.