Small Homeschooling Space

Hello Everyone!

Long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I wasn’t feeling really motivated but, now I am again! So hopefully I can stay consistent again. 😄

This year will be my second year homeschooling my son so I wanted to share our small space that we’ve created for it.

We don’t have much room where we live so we had to deal with what we had and it’s not too bad. I tried to minimize as much clutter as possible and keep it organized so my kids can grab what they need without rummaging through everything.

I got this shelf organizer a while ago from Walmart for less then $30 I believe maybe even less then $20.

I tried to keep the first shelf depending on our daily schedule.

The first thing we usually do is Read Our Bible and then they grab there busy binders that are on the right.



So first we read the Bible, then they grab there Busy Binders with this caddy that has dry erase markers for the binder and it also has color pencils, glue, erasers, pencil sharpener and some markers.

Once they’re done I tell my son go grab todays folder and he’ll look for the day of the week. img_3265


In the second area we have the crayon box and right under its a small box with flash cards for math, abcs, spanish etc. On the right of that its another small box with extra’s, extra crayons, extra pencils, extra gluesticks and then under that its a counting game we found at a thrift store and my kids love it.



Now, the bottom shelf is mainly for my use its the curriculum and extra paper and folders.


I tried to organize it by what we do first on our daily routine.


Next on the right side of the shelf.

A basket with play-doh stuff they can grab whenever they want to play.

Under that its a bin with craft supplies, like painting stuff, glitter, glitter glue, etc.

The last bin has reading books, and paper for crafts.

Thats our small homeschooling space. It works for us and our little home for now.

I love that my kids know where everything is and can easily access everything they need for they’re homework.

Thank you for reading!

Hope you enjoyed and hope I helped in some way! 🙂




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