Our Love Story

Our Love Story is a pretty long one so just giving you a heads up but, a story you won’t want to miss.


This is the story from my point of view.

So here it goes, I don’t remember exactly how old I was that day, the first day I saw him but I was around 8 or 9. It was at a family birthday party where I saw this cute boy that changed my world.

I was a very shy little girl….very, very, shy so I just sat down by myself on the side of the fence in a white chair while all the other kids played. I remember my cousin asking me to come play but, I especially didn’t want to because of that cute boy.

That day I went home and added him to the list in my diary of the other boys I had a crush on. I wrote “Josh” on my list. Yes, I had a list and I still have that diary.

After that day I knew I would see him at my cousins birthday parties because he was my cousins best friends little brother. Hope that makes sense.

Well, yes after that I couldn’t wait to go to their birthday parties just to see him. He was always playing with my cousins and I was always to shy to go play with them.

Years passed, I was 11 or 12 and my family and I moved to a City nearby called Hemet and what a coincidence that our new neighbors were actually going to be my childhood crush’s family.

So I was nervous because I thought “Ok, now  I have to make sure I look cute everyday just incase he see’s me.”

I actually didn’t see him as often as I thought I would. So I eventually I guess tried to make my own life. I thought he was just too cute for me and didn’t think he would ever notice me.

He has an Older Sister, Mayra who was my cousins best friend so I would talk to her and little by little she became one of my closest friends and now a best friend. She would come over and sleep over for 3-4 days and we became really close. Believe it or not she did not know I had a crush on her little brother for a while.

I was 13 or 14 when my friend from school told me to tell Mayra. So I got the guts and I called her to come over because I had something to tell her. I remember she was kind of freaked out and I was nervous to tell her, I kept trying to tell her but It didn’t want to come out. She kept trying to guess and she would say “Does your friend like my brother?”….. and I finally said “No, I do!!” well, she was surprised. Like every sister thinks of her brother she said “EW! Why?!” Hahaha I told her to keep quiet and she promised she would and she did.

But, after that her and her boyfriend tried to quietly push us closer together.

My cousin (the one who’s parties they’d always go to) and I were pretty close as kids. Well, he somehow got it out of me that I had a crush on Josh (my husband). That day that he got it out of me, we were at a party and he called Josh and asked him what he thought of me..I don’t really remember a lot of what he answered to him but he eventually passed me the phone and I told him I liked him. It took a lot in me because I was very very shy like I said. He told me he liked me to which surprised me because we hadn’t really talked too much because I was once again really really shy around him.

One thing I really remember from our conversation from that day is He said “I wish you were here. ” And I said “But, why If I don’t even talk because I’m so shy around you?” and he said “Because I love looking at your beautiful smile.”

We talked for a couple hours on my cousins phone that day and I remember feeling those “butterflies” everyone talks about. I had never felt them with any one else but him.

But, now it was time to actually see him in person. That day which was a Saturday we got home really late and the next day was Sunday and we both were at church.

It was until Monday August 18, 2008 that I got home from the gym with my sister and I saw him playing his guitar outside on his front door steps.

So, I thought I’ll be brave and say hi although i was kind of sweaty. I went into my nephews window were I can see him and yelled “HEY!” and he got scared which made us both laugh because he wasn’t expecting it.

That day was so unforgettable for me. Because since I was 7 or 8 I liked this boy.

And the next words he told me stuck with me forever.

He said “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

Of course I said “Yes!!”

Our Boyfriend and Girlfriend relationship wasn’t the easiest because I had a really strict Mom. We’d only be able to see each other maybe once a week for 2-3 hours and I didn’t even have a phone so when I used the house phone it was just for 30 minutes.

We went through a lot in those years and I fell hard for him. He stuck through everything even though we couldn’t see each other or talk to each other as often as we wanted.

On May 30, 2011 he proposed to me on the beach.


I couldn’t imagine it any other way. The boy that I had a crush for so many years was gonna be my husband.

On September 24, 2011 I married the man of my dreams, my childhood crush, my best friend, my king, my true love.

Now 10 years later, we have 2 kids and I still have butterflies for him. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.







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