My 3 & 4 Year Olds Night Time Routine

Hey guys, since I made a morning routine I thought I would make a night-time one now.

Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂


I’ll start on dinner, this night I made chicken with rice and avocado with tomatoes in lime.

We’ll pray for our food before we start to eat.


Then, once finished which Noah is usually done first then Lydia is always the last one done. They’ll both put their plates in the sink and I’ll clean the kitchen and wash the dishes. While I’m washing the dishes they’ll either play with daddy or watch a show.

Once I’m all done with the kitchen, its time to brush their teeth.


They first brush their own teeth and then I brush it for them. 🙂


Next, it’s usually time for bath time. I’ll usually take them a bath every other day or if that day they got really dirty.

I love these moments because I know that one day they’ll outgrow it and take a shower separately. These moments are something that I will always cherish. 🙂


This night I had to cut their nails. They love watching me cut their nails, they’ll just watch everything I’m doing. Hahaha


Then, we’ll head to their room and its time to read some books! They love to get under the covers in Noah’s bed together while we read books to them.

Every night when I say “Ok time to get ready for bed.” Noah will say “Are we gonna read books?” This is honestly one of his favorite times of the day. They love books so much, I love it.

Usually me and my husband will switch who reads to them and this night it was my turn. We’ll read to them at least 3 different books. I like to pick 2 fun/silly books and then a Bible story.

Once we’re done reading we’ll tell them to say Goodnight and give goodnight kisses to each other.


Once we’re done its time to pray.

My husband will pray with Lydia our daughter.

And I will pray with Noah our son.

As you can tell he was tired. Lol!


Then, its time for bed. We’ll tuck them in and turn the night lights on and give them good night kisses and wish them both sweet dreams.

That is all for their night-time routine, thank you for reading!


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