DIY Disney Cardboard Cars

Hello Everyone! So, September 25 is our little Noah’s Birthday and this year we decided on making it Disney Cars theme since he’s been obsessed.

I decided to make these for the kids so they can race, and also bought some mini piston cups as a prize.

First off, for the first couple steps all you need is some scissors, tape and a good size box.

  1. Open all sides of the box DSCF5007

  2. Decide what side will be the bottom and what size will be the top

  3. Next, on the top put in one of the smaller flaps in and leave one out and tape the top of it.

      1. Then fold the back flap just like the eye area.

      2. Then I sketched out the eyes, mouth and lights on a piece of paper.

      3. Then I cut the shapes out and taped it all to the box.

      4. Obviously this one is jackson storm. My husband spray painted most of them and I didn’t take pictures of him doing it so I guess I’ll just show the final product!
      5. Hope this all helps to anyone is looking into making these for your little ones birthday, they’re a lot easier than I thought they’d be and the kids had a blast playing with them on his birthday party.
      6. Thank you for reading this far 🙂

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