How I keep my kids calm in Church

I have two kids, Noah who is 3 almost 4 in September and Lydia who is 2 1/2. We go to church every Sunday if we do not go its because someone is sick but we try our best to go most Sundays. My kids are not perfect and these things don’t always work but, they do help a lot.

These are some things that help our kids to stay quiet and entertained most of the time at church or at a restaurant.

  • Prep Talk

    So before we head into church we sometimes tell our son who loves to “race”.

-No racing inside of church, we have to be calm inside of church. I make sure to tell him its OK if you “Race” outside or after church but not inside.

-We need to be quiet when Bro Bob our Pastor is speaking and then I tell him when he is all done then we can go play.

So I always try to comprise with him. My daughter Lydia is very shy so most of the time she’ll be pretty quiet unless she sees her brother or her cousins run around.

  • Entertainment

    So since I do have two toddlers they can’t just sit down on there own and listen to the preaching yet. So its necessary to take some sort of entertainment for both of them to keep them quiet.IMG_3645

-For my 3 year old son, I like to take his favorite cars. Which are Mcqueen and Mater from Disney Cars. The cars keep him entertained for a good 20-30 minutes.

-For my 2 year old daughter, I’ll take some books of her favorite characters or even some learning books with colors and shapes.

-For both of them I’ll also take a coloring book and some stickers. That’ll keep them entertained for quit a bit. I try to not give them these specifics coloring books during the week so that when it comes to the day when I need them to be entertained by them they are actually entertained by its something new.

  • Snacks

    -What kid doesn’t love some snacks? Obviously at a restaurant this isn’t helpful. But if its a restaurant I like to make sure my kids aren’t “starving” and if they are when the waiter comes to ask for your drinks, have your kids order ready so they can put it in as soon as possible. No one wants a grumpy toddler in a restaurant. 🙂IMG_3639

That is what we do to keep our kids calm “MOST” of the time at church or restaurant. If those things don’t work then the tablet comes out. But, that hasn’t happened yet so they’ve worked for us 🙂

Let me know if you have any tips that can help me out or other mommies our there.

Thank you for reading






15 replies to “How I keep my kids calm in Church

  1. Thanks Tania for the great tips! I love prep talk, it helps big time in so many occasions! I’m gonna tweak this a little bit to take my little toddler son to the mosque 😉

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  2. It’s always inspiring to see another young woman out there who is willing to postpone a career for awhile to spend time with her kids while they’re young! I’m newly engaged and plan to be doing the same thing myself before too long.

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  3. Snacks are my biggest help in church. All my 2 1/2 year old son needs to do is make it through the praise songs and then he can play in the nursery. It is seriously the longest point of worship because he can not wait to go play!

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  4. Great ideas! The church I grew up in now has little bags hanging at the door with coloring books and toys in them to grab for kids when you are seating yourself! It’s hard keeping kids that young still for an hour!

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  5. I love all your tips! Many parents want their kids to sit still in church, but the reality is they are not especially if they are younger.Bringing the items you mention with make the parent worship experience a lot more peaceful….I agree all kids love snacks!

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