Beach Hacks

We went to beach for Fathers Day and I wanted to share a couple of tips that helped us out πŸ™‚


First, the night before I prepared our clothes and snacks for the next day because we planned to go right after church.

So, one thing I prepared that thought might help us when we got back was Aloe Vera and this time I froze it. We have these cute frog molds for ice and I put some Aloe Vera in it the night before and let me tell you I got a bit burnt on my back and it felt so good when we got back to rub it on the burnt area.






Next, I brought a small pool that my kids have had for a while so that we can put water in and they can play freely in.

Honestly, by the end of the day it became more of a mud pit, they put sand in it and water but they loved playing in it and kept them away from being in the actually ocean too much.



I’ve got to give credit to my sister for this one. She tied up two bags on her umbrella, one for trash and the other for recycle. So by the time we were done trash wasn’t everywhere and easy to just throw away in a big trash can and take the recycle home. Also, another plastic bag for wet clothes was very helpful.



Next, this is something that is super helpful even with us as adults because everyone knows how annoying the sand can be sometimes when your trying to eat or do something. For babies who still have diapers on its super helpful because sand will get in there private areas and putting baby powder helps to keep it off plus it keeps them feeling soft and smelling good.



Now, one of the most important in my opinion is to bring Family! Going to the beach is scary with toddlers because they easily run off somewhere and get lost or even into the ocean but, it helps a lot to have many eyes to help.




At the end of the day we had a blast at the beach with family and can’t wait to go back.

Let me know if you have any tips and what they are! I’d love to know! πŸ™‚

Thank you,




18 replies to “Beach Hacks

  1. The baby powder is wonderful!! It helped get all the sand off and left the skin so soft and smelling nice. One thing i did this time at the beach was bring cora shampoo to wash out the sand from her hair at the rinse off area. She usually falls asleep on the ride home and sometimes dont get to shower her when we get home. So this time she was sand free from her head and i was able to get all the sand off her body with the baby powder.

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  2. The baby powder trick does do a great job. We actually haven’t been to the beach as a family in a few years. I am hoping that we will be able to get a trip in soon so that we can try a few of these hacks.

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  3. Great post. This is the first time I have ever heard about the baby power, we have a beach party in two weeks. I am going to keep all these tips in mind when we go.

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  4. Your hacks are super creative but I must say: why haven’t I thought of that Aloe Vera one before?! That could have come in so handy for so many summer seasons. That’s definitely one I’ll be doing from now on.

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  5. Your post reminds me the season our kids were little. Days at the beach were so much fun. I love the tip about freezing aloe in cute little molds. When a sunburn comes on, there’s nothing like cool aloe. I also loved the idea of baby powder. There’s nothing worse than being all covered with sand when you’re piling back into the car to head home!


  6. These beach hacks are so helpful! We go on vacation every year and these tips will make for a smoother trip. I wish I would’ve known about the powder back when my kids were still in diapers. That would’ve saved me! Lol

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  7. Oh my goodness, that Aloe tip, THANK YOU! I have a massive sunburn right now and I’ve been slathering aloe all over it. Freezing it into cubes sounds even better, especially since I’ve also been putting ice packs on my burn. I’m going to try that!

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  8. I never thought about bringing the baby pool to the beach, that seems like a fun time for the kids. We usually end up getting full of sand, sunburn, and then head home wishing we never went in the first place. lol I do miss the sound of the waves but living in Iowa there are not too many beaches around anymore πŸ™‚

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  9. I always freeze a couple of sponges and put them in a ziplock bag in case somebody gets a boo boo and the one thing I have learned is to put your flip flops face down that way when you get ready to walk in them again they are not scalding hot. πŸ™‚

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  10. It does look like it was such a fun day at the beach. My daughter would have loved the frog ice cups. Although I am thinking that I really need to bring Aloe Vera with me to beach days as I tend to get burned and taking care of it then sounds like a good idea.

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