What we did Memorial Day

Monday May 29th, 2017

Memorial Day

We decided to go to a park and have a barbecue with family. They recently opened a splash pad nearby, we had Noah’s birthday party last year here and loved it.

Canyon Hills Splash Pad.

It was a bit hot so it was perfect, we got there and my husband played some soccer with the little ones then, we made some lunch . After lunch Noah wanted to play at the play ground, it was surprisingly not as full as we expected.

I have to share a small story of what happened with our Noah.

My sister in law and I were watching the little ones as they were trying to sneak there way towards the playground.

When a woman and her son were walking passed us, she called to her son and said “Noah come over here!!”. we noticed that Noah heard her.

A couple minutes passed by and Noah came to me. He said “Mom, a lady called me!” I said “Oh ya?, who?” and He said ” That one!” I said ” What did she say?” He said “She said Noah come over here!” and I asked him “What did you say?” He said “I said I don’t want to!!” Hahaha too funny!

Very happy that he said that and didn’t follow a stranger. 🙂

After, the kids played for a while at the playground they decided they wanted to play at the splash pad a bit more. Noah took a little convincing to get in and Lydia she didn’t want to get in at all and just watch. Although she did get a bit wet, there was no getting away from that. Hahaha 🙂

Once they were done with that we went back to change and each ate a hotdog and were really cranky since we were at the park most of the day with no nap and more play than most days. But they were both so dirty so me and my husband tried our best to keep them awake on the ride home so that we can take them a bath and then to bed.

After a nice bath, we put them in there pajamas, said a prayer and both were out in less than 10 minutes.

Then, a shower for mommy and clean up after our long and fun weekend 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned I’ll be posting more this week, about beauty and maybe even a recipe!



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