Whats In My Diaper Bag?


Mn&Sue British Style Casual Unisex Waterproof Oxford School Backpack Rucksack (Gray)

So, this is the “Diaper Bag” we have been using. For Christmas I bought my husband a backpack to have when he rides his motorcycle and I started to actually use it for a diaper bag and liked it a lot. Then, I decided to buy one for us to use for the kids. I just searched “backpack” on amazon and looked for one that looked nice. I really liked this one and so does my husband. It actually has a lot of different compartments.


It has a big compartment, and then a medium one and small one in front with two cup slots on this side. I like to attach a hand sanitizer to front so that I can quickly access it when I really need it.

The medium front pocket I usually carry stuff I need to grab quickly, so that’s like snacks, medicine, lotion etc.              IMG_2578

Today I have my sons sunglasses, sunscreen for the kids and us, some saltine crackers,raisins for my daughter, some lemonade mix, a syringe for tylenol, and a sucker just in case of an emergency. Lol


In the small zipper in front I just have an extra bow for Lydia and our house keys.

In the big compartment it has a separation where I think it was meant for a laptop but, I carry the diapers and wipes in there.


I always keep an extra pair of underwear for Noah in case of accidents, a extra pair of shorts or pants for Lydia, usually put at least 3 diapers in there but, today I just had one, the rash creme, a first aid kit that I “borrowed” from my husband :p, some cheezits, a car that my son put in there from his favorite movie, some books, a play pack, and some sketch pads and in the small zipper in the back a lipstick for me.

Also, I’ll always carry there sippy cups with some water or lemonade. Because my kids can not live without that. Hahaha 🙂


Thank you for reading Whats In My Diaper Bag.

Whats in yours? Leave a comment. I’d love to know 🙂


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4 replies to “Whats In My Diaper Bag?

  1. It is neat to see what is in your diaper bag. Sippy cups and snacks are a great idea. My diaper bag has the usual: diapers, wipes, some swim diapers, teething toys, and extra onesies and pants for my 2 under 2.

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  2. My kiddos are too big for a diaper bag but I really like the look of the backpack. It’s so nice to be hands free and even though I’m not carrying diapers anymore, my bag is always full of snacks and water bottles!

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