Morning Routine of a Stay at Home Mom

So this week I have been trying to start my mornings at 7:00am so that I can make my husband breakfast or lunch.


Today, I actually woke up around 7:20am to this outside our door. 🙂 IMG_2508

First, I’ll give them a cup of milk to hold them off while I make breakfast and, then I’ll turn on the laptop. My husband does pest control and sometimes he has his stops printed out at home. While he’s getting ready for work I try to print them out for him. img_2513.jpgWhile I was printing his paperwork, I started on breakfast. Today I made one of Noah’s favorites, Potatoes with Eggs or like he says “Pantayos”. Lol


Lydia finished all her fruit first and struggled to finish her potatoes with eggs, and Noah was opposite he finished his potatoes first and struggled to finish his fruit. Its funny how that is, they always eat opposite. Lydia would rather have fruits or veggies than meat or in this case potatoes with eggs and Noah would have anything over fruit and veggies. Hahaha

As they were finishing up daddy had to leave for work.




After finishing up our breakfast I’ll clean up the kitchen and wash our dishes that got dirty. While I’m cleaning up, I’ll either watch a YouTube video or some music and today it was music. This was my choice. 🙂





Time to head to the bedroom and make our bed. I’ve got to make the bed most days, I’ve always grown up with that habit. My mom would say if your bed is made it helps make the room look clean and, its true. Now, if I don’t make our bed I’m so uncomfortable for that day because our room looks dirty.

PicMonkey Collage





On a good day when the kids are entertained and today they seemed pretty entertained in the toy room. I like to listen to a devotional and read along with it.

Today it was about “What is our Hope in Life? “ A lot of us are distraught and want to be hopeless because of how this world is or because of how you are. So we grow Hopeless but, Our only Hope comes because the power of sin has been broken. Christ came to rescue us. He’s the one that has broken sins power. He’s what give us Hope in Life. We have hope because of what Christ did for us. Trust him as he speaks to you.


While I was finishing up, both Noah and Lydia came to my room and wanted attention. So, while I was finishing I gave them some water and told them to wait a little bit. Once, I finished I went into the toy room and saw this and this is just a picture of a small piece of the room.


So I put some of there favorite Disney music on, and put them to clean obviously I helped them. Haha


After an hour we finally organized and cleaned there toy room. Even put some toys into a donation pile. Woohoo! Lets see how long it’ll last. 🙂


Next, there bedroom to make there beds and put some clothes to hang and clean up a little bit.

PicMonkey Collage


Now to get them dressed and start on some lunch.


While I made lunch, Noah wanted to play with his play-doh. So I set up this Mickey Mouse matt on our table and let them make what they want while I made lunch.


Today I made them some ABC soup, so while that finished cooking I did some braids on Lydia’s hair after, they then started to get a little bit inpatient so I put a small ice cub in each of there bowls so that it would cool down faster.


Noah has never been a big fan of any sort of soup so it took him a little bit longer than Lydia but, Lydia loved it.

PicMonkey Collage

So that was my busy morning, some mornings it goes by smoothly and some are harder than others, But love every second of it.

Now, time to prepare dinner for when daddy gets home…

Thank you for taking the time to read my day 🙂


PicMonkey Image2

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