5 Favorite Books to Read To My Kids

  • _MG_5637-1Does A Cow Say BOO?

    Written by Judy Hindley Illustrated By Brita Granstrom_MG_5531-1

    We love reading this book because, it starts off by asking if each animal says Boo, and ends with the kids saying BOO! They love making each animal sound that is in the book and point to which one says which noise._MG_5538-1

    Oliver Finds His Way

    Written By Phyllis Root & Illustrated by Christopher Denise


This book seems to keep my kids really quiet when we read it to them. Its about a little bear who gets lost trying to catch a leaf and ROARS to find his way back home.ย  The pictures in the book are so nice they’re always focused on the pictures and love to interact as well when the I Roar as I read it to them. _MG_5530-1

Just In Case You Ever Wonder

By Max Lucado Illustrated by Toni GoffeIMG_5567-1

This book definitely has to be one of my favorites to read to them, they don’t pay that much attention because its more of a heart felt book. But, everything it says is so touching. It says how special they are; how you’ll always be there for them; and most importantly how special they are to God. Its a book that I’ll always like to keep and pass on to someone very special.


Bedtime Prayers

By Bonnie Rickner Jensen & Illustrated by Julie Sawyer Phillips


This book is the perfect book to read right before bed, its very short and sweet. Each page is a different prayer for little ones and the pictures are so sweet. My son will even sometimes repeat after me when I read it to them.


God Gave Us You

By Lisa Tawn Bergren & Art by Laura J. Bryant


This book is so cute, the momma polar bear tucks the baby polar bear in and explains how happy herself and the poppa were to have him. A wonderful bedtime story to read to your little ones. My babies love it, and I try to also explain that they were once babies and mommy and daddy were so excited when God gave them to us. Definitely a favorite!


There they are my top 5 favorite books to read to my little ones, highly recommended. Most nights I love starting off with some fun/silly books and ending with some calm and sweet books. I think all of these are perfect for that. Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Links to all the books ๐Ÿ™‚

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